blessed pillcamCOLONimgThe PillCam COLON system features 2 small cameras within a capsule that is used to examine the colon for those who are not able to complete the more traditional Colonoscopy. The PillCam is swallowed in the morning and the pill cameras capture images as it travels through the GI tract, transmitting the images to a recorder that the patient wears on a belt. The PillCam is 1¼ inches long, is easy to swallow, and takes approximately 10 hours to travel through the digestive tract. A bowel preparation is required the day before the procedure.

For those patients who are unable to undergo a traditional colonoscopy because of difficulty with anesthesia, use of blood thinners, or for incomplete colonoscopies due to causes other than a poor prep, the PillCam Colon is a secondary alternative. The PillCam COLON might be able to detect tumors, polyps, vascular abnormalities, ulcerations, etc. during its journey through the GI tract. If a lesion is detected (such as a polyp that would need removal) a colonoscopy would be necessary to accomplish that, if the Doctor feels it is necessary. As this is a new device, it isn’t yet covered by insurance plans, but that should hopefully change over time.

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